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Tax advice

German tax law contains highly detailed regulations and is constantly changing. Every day, companies are faced with decisions which can have considerable tax implications.

Thanks to our decades of experience, wide-ranging expertise and, in some cases, assistance from specialists belonging to our national HLB partners, our consulting concepts are carefully adapted to meet the requirements of our clients.

Example of services provided:

  • Preparation of monthly and annual financial statements, profit and surplus accounts and audits of special tax and supplementary accounts
  • Drawing up of corporate and personal tax returns
  • Assistance in external audits
  • Audit of tax returns, conduct of tax appeals to fiscal authorities and courts
  • Conversions, mergers
  • Tax forms, tax planning and optimisation of structures
  • Tax advice on corporate and share purchases/sales
  • Design of corporate and assets successions (memoranda of association, gifts, inheritance provisions)
  • Regular client information and events




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